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About Dumpr

Dumpr is a little web utility for doing some common stupid things on the web like pasting large amounts of text or making short urls. It has been under development off and on for a long time, and rewritten many times. The following features are currently listed as working. Any others are still in the process of being rewritten.

Text Dumps

Short URLs

Link Grids

The News

Wednesday June 25, 2014

Moved to a new server. Sorry for downtime.

Thursday June 12, 2014

Text dumping should be mostly stable. The entire database was redone tonight to create a unified index for all the datatypes we will store.

I am also introducing the same URL scheme that the old Dumpr used to use for Short URLs, but for all data types. The old Dumpr used to use dumpr.info/~id to show a preview of the URL it was a Short URL for, so that you could send someone there and they could see the endpoint and decide if they really should visit it during work. It then used to use dumpr.info/-id to go straight to that URL without showing the preview.

A dash prefix (-) to go STRAIGHT there, a tilde prefix (~) to get there in a not-straight way. See what I did there?

In the case of text dumps this means that dumpr.info/~id will result in a preview page, and dumpr.info/-id will result in a plain text dump.

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