About Link Grids

Paste a list of links. Receive a grid with preview images. Create instant cross-site galleries with a few clicks. It is even able to take screenshots of webpages.

Want to bookmark all your open tabs and open them later when you get home? I am currently developing an extention for Google Chrome that will allow 1 click grid creating of all tabs you have open in the window. Perfect for saving research for later with a visual index to browse later.

Or maybe you are like me and have a window full of Tumblr posts open that you just have to share with someone. Paste the URLs into the grid and then with one URL the entire series can be browsed at quickly.

Protip: Any grids you create anonymously (e.g. without logging in) will automatically expire in one week (that means deleted). Create an account and they will last for the better part of forever.

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